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Review of Logitech C925E Webcam

Review of Logitech C925E Webcam

Webcams are now becoming important, as more and more people use video conferencing software such as Zoom and Google Meet for business and learning from home. For personal use, the Logitech C925E Webcam is quite capable with its full HD video quality. Here are some reasons to buy this webcam in various aspects:

Logitech C925e Webcam Design

The webcam only comes in one color which is black, and the classic white Logitech logo is just below the camera. Although there are no other color combinations, this webcam still looks simple and elegant. This webcam comes with a 78-degree field of view. So, there’s no need to reposition the webcam or crop and zoom. 

Some webcams tend to produce a fisheye effect on video displays, but this is not the case with the C925E. It also has a convenient privacy shutter. With this, you can close the camera by sliding a button on top for added privacy and security. The C925E  weighs about 6.0 oz (170 g), this weight includes its mounting clip and cable. The size of this webcam is around 1.2 in (29 mm) x 5.0 in (126 mm) x 1.3 in (32 mm). This webcam is not too big and light enough, so it is easy to carry it around anywhere in a bag.

Features Logitech C925e Webcam

Using the Logitech C925E  webcam, we no longer need an external microphone because this webcam comes equipped with not one but two omnidirectional microphones. This type of microphone can hear sound with equal gain from all sides or directions of the microphone. This camera can capture videos in 1080p full HD resolution with 30 frames per second so that every detail of the image you get is clear and twice as sharp as a regular 720p HD webcam. In addition, this webcam is also equipped with autofocus, so you don’t have to worry about blurry images. The 1080p video quality may not be as good as 4K-capable webcams like the Brio but it is good enough for activities such as vlogging and live streaming. Unfortunately, this webcam is not equipped with panning or zooming features.

This webcam is also certified and qualified for use in various video conferencing software such as Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber and WebEx, Zoom, BlueJeans, and Google Hangouts. Also, the C925E is compatible with computers running Mac OS or Windows, namely Windows 10, Windows 7/8, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS X, and even Android TV.


If you want to replace your built-in webcam, this Logitech C925E is one of the best options. At $ 185, it’s affordable and undoubtedly produces better results in terms of video sharpness and voice clarity. It’s difficult to find a webcam that can do both without compromising one over the other. In many cases, a typical webcam either has good visual or audio quality, but that could not be said about the C925E. 

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