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Review of Logitech B525 Webcam, A Meeting Mate While Traveling

Review of Logitech B525 Webcam, A Meeting Mate While Traveling

Video conferencing is a feature that allows us to communicate directly with each other via video format, a feature that many of us have already used. Logitech provides Unified Communications (UC) solutions that are ready to support the productivity of professionals in and outside the office environment. Equipped with audiovisual features and technology specially designed from Switzerland, the Logitech Webcam B525 HD provides the best experience in conducting video conferencing by displaying sharp image quality and clear audio that makes users feel as if they are face to face with the other person.

The Design of Logitech B525

The Logitech B525 is divided into three parts, the top as the main camera, the middle part as the connector for the cantilever and last is the bottom as the cantilever itself. The three parts are connected by two hinges so that they can be folded. This function can make the webcam feel small and compact. So, it’s easy to carry if we want to take it traveling. Logitech Webcam B525 is designed for those of you who have high mobility. This webcam is made of plastic with a weight of only about 88 grams so it will be easier for you to bring it to every meeting. The advantage of this webcam is that it can be folded so that it is practical enough to carry anywhere and can even be tucked into a laptop bag or pocket. The black-clad webcams can be rotated 360 degrees so that users can easily adjust the position of the camera to various viewing angles as desired, such as turning it back for privacy.

Features of Logitech B525

Logitech fitted a high-quality sensor combined with Logitech RightLight 2 technology into the Logitech Webcam B525 HD webcam to produce clear and high-quality 720p HD resolution images even when used indoors with low lighting conditions. In addition, the camera is equipped with a sharp Carl Zeiss lens and autofocus features, so that every detail contained in documents or other objects can be seen up close without compromising image quality. On the audio side, Logitech complements it with a stereo microphone that ensures crisp and clear sound quality.


Logitech Webcam B525 HD is designed to be used optimally with Microsoft Lync and Skype applications and has supported most of the commonly used UC and video conferencing platforms. This webcam is also plug and play. To start using it, users can simply plug it into the USB port and run their favorite video calling app right away – no need to install special software or perform complicated setups.


Logitech B525 qualifies as a good webcam. Easy installation, clear image, easy to carry anywhere and good sound quality are the selling features. With a price of $68, Logitech provides 720p recording capability as well as autofocus. A quality that is sufficient for us to use for video calls via Google Meet or other applications. The resulting frame rate is also fairly decent, which is 30 fps. With its capabilities, this webcam also seems to be an alternative camera for those of us who want to create content on YouTube. For instance, recording our expressions when playing games or reacting to videos.

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