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[Review] Grandstream IP Phone GXP 1610/1615

[Review] Grandstream IP Phone GXP 1610/1615

Along with the times, conventional telephones are being replaced with IP phones. For some people, an IP phone still sounds strange. At first glance, IP phones physical appearance is similar to a conventional telephone, but it has added features to transmit and record calls. An IP phone rely an IP network such as an internet connection to connect calls. This technology is also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) different from the conventional landlines telephones that transmit analog signals. IP phones are now widely used in offices, especially offices that has connected through ethernet. 

In a non-technical perspective, it may be puzzling for some of us to understand how these differences between IP phones and conventional phones makes a difference to businesses in terms of cost. On the exterior, apart from the obvious features and extra buttons on IP Phones, both conventional and IP phones has the classic design that includes handsets, receivers, speakers, and buttons that are almost appearance-wise indistinguishable. The extra features such as redial, transfer, conference, hold, mute, voicemail, and speakerphones in IP phones makes them business-friendly.

In the market, we can find IP phones from various well-known brands. One of them is Grandstream Networks, Inc. For almost 20 years, Grandstream has been manufacturing IP unified communications products with the main goal of optimizing company productivity, efficiency and communication.

Grandstream released 2 different types for basic IP phones, namely GXP1610  and GXP1615. These IP phones are perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, office buildings, and even the hospitality sector. This phone supports a single SIP account and up to two call appearances which make it ideal for users looking for a simple and easy to use IP phone.

The GXP 1610/1615 supports Plantronics headset use. These IP phones allow users to simply press a button on their EHS compatible Plantronics headset to answer or hang up calls on the GXP 1610/1615. Its 132 x 48 LCD screen allows users to easily browse through contacts, missed calls, voicemails, and more. To make it easy to keep in touch with business and personal contacts, the GXP 1610/1615 features a built-in phone book which can store up to 500 contacts. Those who need to keep in touch with clients and employees will also enjoy the three-way voice conferencing feature of the GXP 1610/1615. 


In terms of security, both of them feature the most comprehensive security encryption available on the VoIP marketplace today. Provisioning the GXP 1610/1615 could not be easier as it supports all major provisioning methods when paired with Grandstream UCM series of IP PBX. These IP phones can be set up using the zero-configuration feature on any UCM IP PBX for quick and easy setup. 

Broadly speaking, the GXP 1610 and GXP 1615 have almost the same features. However, the GXP 1615 has features that the GXP 1610 does not have. The GXP 1615 is integrated with PoE (Power over Ethernet). PoE allows a UTP cable to transmit data as well as provide electrical power for network devices that already support PoE such as wireless access points, IP CCTV cameras, and IP phones so that these devices do not need a nearby electrical outlet. With PoE, users only need a cable for data and electricity so that network devices such as access points or IP-based CCTV cameras can be installed anywhere even if it is far from the electrical outlet. 

If you are looking for an easy to use IP phone with comprehensive security protection, you should look no further than the GXP 1610 or GXP 1615 from Grandstream. 

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