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Logitech BCC950: The Perfect ConferenceCam for Small Rooms

Logitech BCC950: The Perfect ConferenceCam for Small Rooms

When a pandemic turns endemic, the new normal sets in and people have to resume their lives with the changes that they have adapted to. One of such changes is the heavy use of video conferencing, which has been typically utilized for work and personal purposes, such as seminars or online meetings and video calls with families.

An important tool that needs to be focused on for an ideal video conference is the web camera (or webcam as it’s known colloquially). While virtual telecommunication for personal use is usually easily accessible and often than not near-perfect, the best webcam for meetings and conferences is still a debatable topic especially with the plethora of webcams available in the market now.

Yet, the Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam is a versatile webcam with an all-in-one video conferencing solution that combines a high-quality webcam and speakerphone with an omnidirectional microphone. This full-duplex omni-directional speakerphone delivers even sound in all directions, in one compact USB device. Another reliable product from Logitech which can turn small or medium-sized meeting rooms into dedicated spaces for collaborating with various teams to create greater efficiency and productivity for businesses.

Unique Design

Designed to enhance face-to-face conversations with a seeing eye to eye concept, the BCC950 aims to look directly into the interlocutor’s eyes to improve the visual relationship during video conferencing. With a design that is compact and lightweight, it is also easy to carry this webcam from one meeting room to another. Bringing it home to prepare for work from home won’t be a problem either.

The BCC950 ConferenceCam has an intuitive set-up. There are only four major sections: (1) connecting the speakers to the power cable; (2) connecting the other cable to the device (laptop) to set it up; (3) attaching the camera stem where one end is on the speaker and (4) attaching the other end on the webcam.

The BCC950 can also rotate 180 degrees pan and tilt (left-right & up-down) by utilizing the available remote. Apart from controlling the camera, the control panel and remote control can also be used to answer calls, end calls, adjust volume, and mute the microphone.


The BCC950’s webcam camera features the Carl Zeiss lens technology, enabling fast autofocus and sharp 4K resolution which is fantastic for both photos and videos. Typically, with different lighting conditions, webcams have a hard time adjusting or adapting but the BCC950 can adjust its lens to increase the brightness of the resulting video in low-lighting scenarios. And in terms of video quality, it is capable of producing full HD 1080p video at 30fps with H.264 UVC video technology.

With a 78-degree camera angle and an additional camera stand, the BCC950 can expand the view of gatherings for up to 4 people in one room. The rotating camera is very useful for highlighting presentations within the room, or simply used to introduce our other meeting members by focusing on them individually. For a certain focus, this camera can also zoom in and out quickly. And while the results are not as detailed, it is enough to focus on the presentation material using the zoom-in feature. 

The BCC950 is equipped with acoustic noise-canceling and echo cancellation technology to minimize any unwanted background noise. And when we’re not using the BCC950 camera for video conferencing, we can use the speakers to listen to music, podcasts or even non-visual calls. The audio behind this gadget does not disappoint and is enough to spoil the ears of music lovers.

So, what can the Logitech ConferenceCam BCC950 work with? It is designed to work optimally with Microsoft Lync and Skype and supports the most commonly used UC and video platforms that everyone’s used to by now.

Why Logitech ConferenceCam BCC950?

With a competitive price, the Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam is quite comparable with the quality and functionality it offers for individual users, small business owners, or anyone who really needs to avoid using the laptop’s built-in webcam or cell phone camera at work. This ConferenceCam requires minimal installation and setup because we only need to connect the camera to our laptop’s USB port and the nearest power outlet. This business class ConferenceCam is a necessary tool for every home office.

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