Google Meet vs Zoom: Which Conference App Is The Best for You?

zoom google meet conferencing app

During the pandemic, many business and education sectors implemented work from home policies. This also affects our work, especially in lessons and meetings. Not only hardware such as a webcam is required, but we also need a video conferencing application. In this case, various video calling applications and video conferencing platforms reap significant benefits.

 In Singapore, the two platforms that are frequently used are Zoom and Google Meet. These two applications compete to get more and more users. Indeed, for each application, there are advantages and disadvantages. Then which application should we use for work and study? Here are some comparisons between the Zoom and Google Meet apps:

Google Meet vs Zoom: In terms of Security

1. Zoom

Last year, the public was shocked by the news that Zoom had experienced security problems. And there are rumors that the Zoom sells its user data. However, at this point in time Zoom’s security features have been improved. Even the chief executive of Zoom issued a direct mail that was shown directly to users. At least in the letter, it states that there are five new features from Zoom version 5.0 to increase security. These features include:

  • AES 256-bit GCM Encryption

By using this encryption standard, users can increase protection against meeting data and resist interruption during meetings.

  •  Meeting Security Control

Zoom ensures that meetings using this application are safe. For example, the feature provides 11 digit meeting ID, complex password and waiting room feature. So that the host can choose who can join the meeting or who is not allowed to enter.

  • Meeting Host

The meeting host has more control during the meeting, including activating/deactivating chat, share screen and audio features so that the meeting can run orderly and safely.

  • Captcha Feature

The captcha feature is used to prevent bots from using Zoom. Until now, the captcha feature is the most frequently used tester.

  • End Meeting Feature Improvements

Zoom has improved the end meeting feature. The host can choose to end the meeting or leave the meeting. So that when the host leaves the meeting, a new host can be chosen to continue the meeting.

2. Google Meet

Google Meet also offers a good security system for its users. Reporting from the official Google Meet website, there are also five things to ensure safety.

  • Privacy

Google fully guarantees that its users have control of their own data and Google does not have a server for tracking data from its users. So that the data of each user is guaranteed safe from abuse.

  •  Encryption

All data in Google Meet is encrypted in transit by default between the user and Google for video meetings. For that reason, no other user can enter Google Meet through a security hole.

  • Safety Measures

Google Meet takes precautions, to prevent unwanted things from happening. One of the ways is by providing a meeting code consisting of 10-25 characters. This is intended to make it difficult to force attempts or guess the meeting code.

  • Secure Deployment, Access & Control

Google Meet offers easy access for PC users. We only need to open Google Meet through a browser without having to install an application. As for smartphone users, they still have to install the Google Meet application. In addition, Google Meet also offers lock access, where we must enter the code or meeting title in order to participate in the meeting.

  • Incident/Damage Prevention

Google has special tools to detect incidents, as well as to detect usage anomalies. So that in case of improper use, Google will immediately verify user data to prevent misuse.

Google Meet vs Zoom: In Terms of Service

1. Zoom

Zoom offers free services to its users by limiting up to 100 participants who can join the meeting and is limited to 40 minutes. To increase the duration of the meeting, users must subscribe by paying starting at $149/year.

the pricing of zoom conferencing app

2. Google Meet

Meanwhile, Google Meet provides free access to its users by limiting the maximum duration of 1 hour and can only be attended by 100 participants. If the user wants to increase the duration of the meeting, they can buy the Google Workspace Essentials package. These plans start at $8/month.

the pricing of google meet package


Those are some comparisons between Google Meet and Zoom. Indeed, there are still many things that have not been compared in this article, but hopefully, we can have new knowledge and use this comparison to use Zoom or Google Meet according to our needs.