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Google Meet vs Zoom: Which Conference App Is The Best for You? (Part 2)

zoom google meet conferencing app

Google Meet vs Zoom: Which Conference App Is The Best for You? (Part 2)

In this article, we will continue to address Google Meet vs Zoom expanding from the previous article. Here’s another comparison between Zoom and Google Meet based on their features and the user interface.


1. Zoom

  •  Presentation mode

This feature enables users to share PowerPoint or Keynote presentations with your audience. This is the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode. You can move the video to any part of your slide. This becomes an important feature if you want to give a presentation during a Zoom call.

Zoom presentation mode
  • Create a Poll

There comes a time when you need to make a unanimous decision during a meeting. Well, Zoom has a feature that makes it easy to create a poll for you.

You have to activate this function before making a poll by accessing Account Management> Account Settings> Polls. Then, you can open Meetings> Survey> Add to create a poll. You will create questions and options here that can be selected for the poll.

  • Virtual Background

You can make video calls in a messy room and hide the clutter behind a virtual background. Even if you don’t have a green screen, this feature can function perfectly.

Zoom provides you with several backgrounds. By uploading the picture you can also change the image as you want. All you have to do is to control it via account settings> Meeting> Virtual Background to adjust the background in Zoom.

2. Google Meet

  • Hand Raising & Attendance List 

This functionality is already available on Google Meet for meeting administrators or hosts to enable hand-raising in large meetings. Administrators will also be able to see who is attending the meeting and this feature can also be used by users who are not hosts.

google meet attendance list
  • Breakout Room

In Google Meet, users can separate large meetings into smaller groups for discussion during larger calls. This function may be useful for competition events in which a panel has separate rooms or a meeting which may combine a lot of parties into one meeting.

  • Background and Blur

In Google Meet, users have the option to easily switch the background of their meeting room. Not only does it provide an attractive image for the background, but Google also has a blur feature if you don’t want to display the appearance of your background clearly. The background blur is similar to Skype, which can be set before a call begins.


User Interface

As we know, the appearance of Zoom is known to be more complex. So, the menus are more difficult to use. It’s far from the simpler appearance of Google Meet. You don’t need to take difficult steps to make adjustments while you use it. Therefore, if users are those who have difficulty running a complex platform, Google Meet is the best choice. However, if the participants are tech-savvy, then using Zoom is not really a challenge.


In fact, Zoom and Google Meet might have the same features. As both are designed to make it easy for people to work from home, freelancers, or anyone who really requires video communication with a lot of people.

However, if you have a big company that manages a lot of employees, Zoom is perhaps the best option for you. If you are more concerned with convenience, ease of use, combined with proven protection, or if you are a Google Workspace customer/user, you should give Google Meet a try. 

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