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Get The Lovely Look With The Wireless Bluetooth Cat Headphone


Get The Lovely Look With The Wireless Bluetooth Cat Headphone

While playing games, do you sometimes feel like something is missing if you don’t use a noise cancelling listening gear -either a regular or gaming headphones? There are good reasons to use headphones for gaming. For instance, the sound of headphone is clear and strong without disturbing the people around us while easy controls and built-in microphone makes our voice heard by our gaming parties. 

Gaming headphones are available in a number of different designs. You must be familiar with headphones with cat ears for those of you who frequently watch streaming gamers. The Razer Kraken Kitty Edition is one of the pioneers of this design. Most professional players seen on eSports athletes and gaming YouTube celebrities uses this headphone. Check them out you haven’t! 😉

However, as a premium gaming headphone, Razer Kraken Kitty Edition comes with a high price tag cost around US$149. If you like the unique, stylish and adorable look of the headphone but looking for a more affordable price, this Wireless Bluetooth Cat Headphone we are introducing today is a great alternative for you. Let us tell you more in our review..


In terms of design, as the name would suggests Wireless Bluetooth Cat Headphone also comes with cute cat ears and LED lights when turned on wirelessly. These LED lights come with changing shades of colours. The ones we approved are foldable– makes it easy to carry around. Although this headphone was designed with children in mind, the adjustable headband made it flexible to fit adults too! Some of our grown-up colleagues are using them to listen to music and answer your calls — those who do came back stating the sound quality is surprisingly good. Hence, it’s on our list of recommendation!



The super soft earpads provide maximum comfort for the user even after using it for long hours. Near the earpads, there are fast forward and backward buttons, easy to control the song we want to play on our playlist. 

This Cat Headphone is very versatile because it is equipped with a Micro SD type memory slot located on the side of the microphone. Users have the option to play music without connecting to their gadget. It has a built-in 400mAh rechargeable lithium battery last up to 7 hours. It is compatible with almost all computers, smartphones, both iOS and Android-based that are supported by Bluetooth 5.0. 

This headphone costs around $38 before discount, look out for our ongoing promotions to get the best deal! Despite the low price tag, the sound quality is not at all compromised. We highly recommend this multi-feature headphone with a remarkable decent sound quality. To top it off, the color and cute design make this the perfect gift for your cute loved ones. Available now at Alomos e-Store.

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