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Logitech C930E or Logitech C930C?

Logitech C930E or Logitech C930C?

Several years after Logitech released the C930E, they introduced the C930C. Looking at the name, there is no significant difference apart from the last letter. Therefore, it begs the question – what’s the difference between the C930E and C930C? Let’s take a closer look. 


From the appearance, the Logitech C930C looks identical to the Logitech C930E. Even though they have the same design, the Logitech C930C has more color variants, namely black and silver. The C930E, on the other hand, comes only in black. Both are equipped with a mounting clip so that the webcam can be clipped to a computer/laptop screen. It can also be mounted on a tripod which you can buy them separately. Check out Heckler Webcam Tripod Here


Both the C930C and the C930E have been certified compatible with applications such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Jabber, Zoom, and so on. Both webcams also has a 90-degree wide-angle field of view, making it suitable for video conferencing. On top of that, it is capable of capturing videos at Full HD (1080p) resolution with 4x digital zoom. This feature is perfect for zooming in on the person who is talking during a video conference meeting. 

The main notable difference between the two is Logitech C930C has a built-in flash while the Logitech C930E does not. Even so, what it lacks in lighting, it makes up in the audio. The C930E is equipped with a built-in microphone, the feature missing on a C930C which we consider to be one of the reason for the price differentiation. The built-in microphone of the C930E is omnidirectional, so sound is received from any direction. 

Putting aside the webcams features, both webcams comes with a lens cover to minimize abrasions or scratches caused by removing the webcam. It also acts as a privacy shield. When the webcam is no longer in use, you can close the lens cover to protect from unintentional video recordings or webcam hackings. So, even if the webcam is turned on, the person on the other side will only see a black screen.

These webcams have the following certifications:

– Certified for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams

– Optimized for Microsoft

– Lync

– Skype Certification

– Cisco Compatible

– WebEx


Thoughts about these webcams

These two webcams are in par with business standards and suitable for business and personal use. Adequately equipped for online meetings (single) and video conferencing (mini group). Apart from the wide-angle lens, the video HD quality is worth the mention and recommended as a benchmark for webcams. Since these webcams are certified by major video conference softwares available in the market today, there are little to no issues connecting and appearing in any business meetings – one which we find extremely crucial for working professionals. Aside from the visuals, we consider C930E better built thanks to its built-in microphone which is readily available in the webcam making it more convenient to take anywhere without having to separately purchase an additional equipment. Hence, we have also chosen C930E to be included in our store, you can find more C930E information there i.e Tech Specs and images.

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