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About Us


Who We Are

Alomos is an e-store, powered by PointStar that sells smart electronic devices for the workplace.

Established in 2008, PointStar has partnered with industry-leading technology giants like Logitech, Asus, Grandstream, Jabra amongst others to deliver innovative IT solutions for business success. We offer smart, cutting-edge office and hardware solutions that improve productivity, make distance learning effective, help people stay connected and enhance remote working experience.

Our store provides you with the convenience of directly purchasing devices immediately online. We bring convenience to you by sending the product ordered straight to your doorstep.

Alomos accepts payment by credit card by creating a user login.

We hope you will enjoy our products and have a great shopping experience.


Safe & Trusted

We have 11 years of experience in the cloud and hardware technology business as well as Asia’s leading brand partners.


Easy & Free

With the FREE SHIPPING option, we will deliver your order which will be automatically applied to eligible items.


Great Support

We are committed to give quick order response. For any incoming inquiry, we will process your order within 48 hours.