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5 Great Gift Ideas for White Day

5 Great Gift Ideas for White Day

What comes to mind when you hear “White Day”? Is it a day where everyone dresses in white? It all started in 1978 when the National Confectionery Industry Association of Japan introduced White Day as an “answer day” for Valentine’s Day. From that moment on, White Day started to become a romantic day in East Asia including Taiwan, South Korea and China. 

Now, forty-three years later, White Day has become famous. The Japanese have even considered it as the second Valentine’s Day. This romantic day is usually celebrated exactly one month after Valentine’s Day, on March 14th. The real tradition is that on Valentine’s Day, women usually give their men a romantic gift, which is usually chocolate. So White Day is a day where men appreciate these gifts.  

As the name suggests, in the early years of White Day, gifts should be white. Usually, men give their wives, girlfriends, or friends something white, such as white chocolate, “white” jewelry (silver, white gold, platinum), or “white” accessories, such as bags or other food items.

However, in recent years, the expectation of women for “gifts” with white nuances on White Day has been gradually changing. Now, women don’t always expect the gifts they get on White Day to be white, but they do expect it to be classy. 

This makes choosing gifts sometimes one of the most difficult and confusing things for us. With the rapid development of technology and information, estimating the value of a gift from just looking at it is easy even if we don’t see the price tag. 

The gifts you give don’t have to be chocolates or flowers. It is better to give things that are more useful in everyday life. Here are some thoughtful White Day present ideas for men who want to give their women something useful and pretty.

1. Jewelry

It seems difficult to find a gift for your woman but a beautiful present like a piece of jewelry to surprise her can still be found. Any moment she wears that jewelry, it would make her feel special and connected to you.

2. Spa Hampers

Women love it if they receive thoughtful gifts that make them feel special. A unique spa gift basket full of great-smelling bath goods and toiletries will be the perfect White Day gift that will pamper her.

3. Perfumes

A well-groomed face and sweet-smelling body — who doesn’t feel at home with a partner like this? Even though it’s simple, choosing perfumes as a White Day gift is the right choice because most women like perfumes to increase their confidence in front of their partner. Just like skincare, choosing a perfume does require extra effort. To avoid making the wrong choice, pick a perfume brand that she likes.

4. Watches

For those of you currently looking for White Day gifts for your partner, watches are a safe choice. Even though it’s common to give a watch as a gift, this one thing is really needed by anyone, as well as your partner. Personalise it with a thoughtful message engraved on the back of the watch.

5. A Bundle of Love from Alomos

Last but not least, a bundle of love from Alomos. This one gift is also suitable to be given to loved ones on White’s Day. This package consists of a Logitech C925E Webcam and a pair of Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece. A decent webcam and a pair of earpiece could make long-distance couples feel more connected. The earpieces will also be very useful for listening to music, especially when working or working out. 


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